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С проходной звонить по местному тел. 4-85

The S5 Like Me plugin when activated will show a little icon on images. A user can click the icon and like the image. Each vote will be added to the count on the icon for that specific image. Voting works off the image name, so if you use the image in other locations on your site they will all show the same amount of votes on them. You can set the plugin to show on images inside HTML elements by specifying the ID or Class in the admin of the plugin. Multiple IDs and Class names can be set by adding a comma after each name. You can also set a class to ignore certain images. In the admin area you can also specify things like opacity, hover opacity, colors, etc. Lastly each image that is liked will show in a list in the admin from most liked to least liked. You can reset the like count on each image.

Example in action, click heart to like:

like me

Features at a Glance:

  • Set script to run on images within certain DIVs by specifying ID or Class
  • Set multiple ID or Class names for script to run in
  • Set a Class that can be added to items so script ignores them
  • Set opacity on hover and normal
  • Set color of icons on hover and normal
  • Set color of like count
  • Admin area for all images liked, can reset to 0
  • Set icon to heart or thumbs up
  • Set like count to show on top of icon or next to it
  • Voting works off IP address so a user can only vote once on an image
  • After voting, click a second time to remove your vote
  • Voting works off image name for accurate voting throughout site

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